To Each it’s Own

December 9/2018
I look out my sliding glass 8 foot door window and see as far as I can see what is outside. It appears to be 22 degrees at 11:11 am. The sky is blue and clear.
Inside is 70 degrees and warm from the insulation of my Palace. My home is my palace and I am the Queen living inside. I think to myself how blessed I am to be alive and grateful that I inspire myself to be whatever I fancy and is comfortable for me.

My physical body has a mind of it’s own. To heal myself I use my brain navigating to live without much resistance from the smoke of illusions.

I have a multi sensory perception navigating through space my feelings of being human.

Stage 4 cancer is not a death sentence for anyone.
Everyone will die sometime.
Any life threatening disease or situation that can result in death of any species is part of evolution.

The less evolve species of the food chain is equally as important to the most evolve species of the food chain .

Time is precious. Time cannot be bought or sold. The value of “Time ” as the day begins and ends is all there is for me and my love ones.

I have been observed by others as I did the same. The Epiphany appeared and I realized we are the same inside the vessel of skin and bones of our encasement.
It was time for me to be me and to leave others to each their own

About Michele Wendy Weinstein / Schuchman /aka Grandma Michele

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