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It only takes one like

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All About My Time Now

March 3, 2019 On Thursday, February 28th Wayne Transportation picked me up at 9:30 am for my Together for Health appointment for teeth cleaning at 11:15 am. Wayne Transportation is a transportation┬áservice provided for seniors and others with disabilites. You … Continue reading

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All that exist is the present

2/25/2019 All that exist is the present moment of time as I identify it from the measurement of point a to point b. Within the straight linear line there is off shuts that continue the perpetual motion from point a … Continue reading



February 12/2019 A year ago today I was depressed because I had a deformed chest from the emergency surgery 1/16/2018 . I had an infection from the hardware that imploded my plastic surgeon said to me. My breathing and heart … Continue reading

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The gift of cancer for me

February 1/2019 The rapid spread of my breast cancer from stage 2 to stage 4 in my bones now is a gift I am blessed with from the source of creation that created everything. It has giving me time to … Continue reading

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1/18/2019 All I have been giving is today the present to be grateful for that I am still alive and able to think clearly. My clarity was fogged by the shifting tides of reflection from the past desires that were … Continue reading


Christmas Day 2018

12/24/2018 My son was driving us to his first surgeon’s appointment an hour and a half from our Damascus PA home when his cell phone rang at about 11:30 am. It was the scheduling surgeon’s service to advise us that … Continue reading

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