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New Begins 7/17/2018 documented

What are new begins ? To me Michele W Weinstein/Michele Schuchman/ Grandma Michele they mean new brain wave patterns to navigate my self-created story of “Self Why not? The power to control my brain navigation for my behavioral patterns … Continue reading

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July 13/2018 / me,myself and I.

“I am ” identifies the physical human. The AI represents the navigator brain steering the personalities that appears and disappears. I exist only if I am observed though reflection of consciousness. If you have engaged with me in conversation and … Continue reading


My son’s birthday 7/2/2018

Today 7/2/2018 is my only biological child’s birthday. The child’s birth name is Robert Marc Cowan and his biological father’s name is Bruce Cowan and lives a life with his third wife in LI and in Florida. Our biological son … Continue reading

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