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” Fasting” 3 days

3:am 8/26/2018: The 72 hours fasting= ( 3 days fasting ) The only source of nutrition was tap water, herbal medication,essential oils for the next three days. I had  never fasted for three days. The only fasting of  26 hours … Continue reading

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“Live until I Die”

My  radiation oncologist Bruce W.Phillips,MD,FACRO explained the results of the full body PET Scan I took 8/21/2018. ” Michele, I am sorry to tell you that the cancer has Metastasize to  your bones to stage 4 cancer. ( At  that moment, … Continue reading


Seeking Attention

Seeking attention 8/7/2018 I am sharing the cancer support group story of Judy Cromer 😦 I got permission to use all the names in the following story ) Judy Cromer a year older than me was across the room at South … Continue reading

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