Seeking Attention

Seeking attention 8/7/2018

I am sharing the cancer support group story of Judy Cromer 😦 I got permission to use all the names in the following story )

Judy Cromer a year older than me was across the room at South Florida Radiation Oncology where I received my series of radiation treatments. Cindy S. Collins, PhD, RD.LD/N Health Psychology and Medical Nutrition the facilitator of the support group had a few private sessions with me.

I was focused on Judy Cromer first breast cancer surgery and the spread of cancer to her lungs. The last time she was in the hospital because of a lung infection, Judy was told “you will die in a few min if the attending nurse was not allowed to put a tube down your throat for an induced coma so we could operate on you”. Judy said No! “I will die first and they had to do something else. That was a week ago before the cancer support meeting 3/22/2018.  Judy’s weight was 78 lbs and 5’2’’ still alive and living the best being in control and not afraid of “Death “ As of 8/23/2018 Judy’ put on 30 pounds and very happy to be 108 pounds.

At that meeting all were given a paper to read “Dying to Talk About Death “by Reverend Debra Jarvis.

Everyone will die one day. How do you want to die was the topic. Having time to take care of my affairs and saying my goodbyes is the way I choose for my death. The instant death with no warning for my loved ones is not my first choice. That didn’t mean I would be dying of cancer. Cancer was my alarm to give back my infectious smile by seeking attention.

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1 Response to Seeking Attention

  1. Judith Cromer says:

    Thank you for thinking of me Michele. So happy to see you yesterday, you’re looking fantastic. Yes it is quite a journey indeed for all of us, thankful that we are strong women. My favorite saying is ” I may have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me”


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