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All About My Time Now

March 3, 2019

On Thursday, February 28th Wayne Transportation picked me up at 9:30 am for my Together for Health appointment for teeth cleaning at 11:15 am. Wayne Transportation is a transportation service provided for seniors and others with disabilites. You have to let them know 2 days before you need transportation to be scheduled in for the day you need transportation. The fee for seniors is a  $1 per ride within Wayne County and outside of Wayne county, it is  $2 each way, for health care visits. While riding in the brand new vehicle, the driver told me his job description and responsibilities. He had to pick up 3 more people before I was dropped off. During that time, I felt grateful to have a safe driver take me to my destination and then another driver pick me up in an older van other to drive me to PT and OT. A third driver picked me up in a old bus after my appointments at 3:00 to take me home. There were 2 other women in the old white bus  waiting to be driven home too. I was exhausted, but knew this was the last time Wayne County Transportation would be have using Wayne Transperation because my transpertation driver would be my personal Home health care giver or my son as needed.

Home Hospice care from Wayne Memorial would be coming to my home the next day in the morning around 10 am. This was my discharge day of PT and OT too. I was taught how to do what physical theropy and personal lymfatic massage theropy with the assistance of my home healthcare givers at my home ,I call my santurary retreat.

I didn’t sleep most of the night. The pain in my back was excruciating. I was up most of the night worrying about what the future was bringing. The next day, the nurse and the social worker come into my room at 10:00 am and I’m still in bed. I’m being evaluated and asked many questions. The nurse asked me, ” Do you know what Home Hospice offer you?” I said yes because while I was going through my breast cancer surgery and treatments in Boca Raton, at the home of my brother and mother, my mother was receiving Home Hospice. My brother and I feared our mother would die within a week. She could not talk or feed herself. She was at death’s door. In nine months time, with the care of Home Hospice, their aids, and the aid of Maria, our five-day-a-week home health care aid, my brother’s 24-hour in-house care giving, with love, and my mother’s resilience, to rebound, because I was there giving her love while I was there through my surgery.

My personal resilience going through this storm of Stage 4 terminal cancer was to face the fear and get all the resources that I could through my insurances, to weather this cancer-storm by getting the hospital bed, the shower chair, rolling table-cart, the multi-utility walker-wheel-chair from Home Hospice. These items are the “Rolls Royce” of home health care supports, as were the people providing them.

Home Hospice provides a social worker, clergy, and after I pass, 13 months of Bereavement services to family members. Father Ed of Grace Church I knew because after my divorce in 2009 my son and I volunteered at Grace Church in Honesdale to help them to prepare and serve their Thanksgiving dinner. Another volunteer Female named Dee Dee that was preparing and serving Thanksgiving dinner was a member of the VFW post 531. I was looking to be of service to my community and became a Lifetime Woman’s Auxiliary member of Post 531 in January 2010. I told the nurse”Karen”, I’m Jewish, but there was no Rabbi in their Home Hospice network.

I am a member of the Congregation Beth Israel in Honesdale and my neighbors  are available to take me to Friday night services when I physically can.

Nurse Karen called in for the equipment to be sent at 12:00 noon the same day. She told me the delivery driver would call back to let me know if delivery that day was possible.

The nurse was now going to visit me 2 days a week, Tuesdays & Fridays. The Hospice aide for 1 1/2 hours three times a week with a bath & shower. My Penn Treaty Home Heath Insurance caregivers Martha and Lisa scheduled for 6 hours a day 5 days a week until I am approved for 7 days a week ,6 hours a day. Nurse Karen asked me, “What coverage will you have during the night? I said ” My Penn Treaty Home Insurance will pay for more hours 7 days a week when needed for the night care.My Maximum daily benefits is $201.90 and have a paid inflation rider of 22% anuualy.

It was 12:30 pm and I called Brian Moffett, a friend from 2015, and asked him if he could bring his good guys to help move my king size bed from my bed room down 14 steps to the lower level and bring up a single bed that the caregiver could stay in as needed at night next to me in my hospital bed.

Brian was in the grocery shopping and as soon as he dropped off his groceries in Small Wood, NY, he and the good guys would be over to move my furniture, 45 minutes away from where he was. That’s a blessed friend.

Martha my caregiver, was watching the way I took control to get the equipment and the furniture changed around in my home.

I knew it was a higher power, you can call the Divine or the Creator, that made all this happen on the eve before the Sabbath.

That first night on my new hospital air mattress, I heard a tapping noise. Then the hard bumps under my physical body from the air moving in and out of the mattress was too uncomfortable to sleep. The Peanut Gallery in my head said””What did you do? What happened to your great big beautiful king size bed?” I said, ” Don’t you remember? We learned EFT Tapping and energy medicine healing, and regression therapy. Just relax. Do deep belly breaths and let the tapping flow through the meridians and you will fall asleep and wake with no pain.”

The next morning, Saturday 3/2/19, Lisa, my caregiver asked me how was I feeling. I said, “Amazing! Because of the hospital medical air mattress” and love from my home health care givers assistance at my home.

Many of my friends have asked me how they may be of assistance and help me through this pain. My friends can help by purchasing my last book of fiction on Amazon titled Conception to Birth: Dreams do Come True, by Michele Schuchman. The cost of the book is $18, of which $12 is my net. This donation helps to fund me with pain medication that is not covered by my insurance. My fiction  book is yours to enjoy.

From the book: Epilogue- “Dreams do come true”

Being alive again, after tragedy by believing in Angels and the Divine, led me on a journey that convinced me dreams do come true as long as you are aware of your true intentions. My intentions of creating the character Grandma Michele the storyteller and listener did come true with this story “Conception to Birth”.

I have learned not to promise anything. I meet people constantly and allow them to know that I have stage 4 cancer and often they immediately want to know more about me. When they ask me about my history, what I’m doing about it, and my current course of action, I say, ” Please read my blog, Grandma,the profile on my website, or Grandma Michele’s Legacy on my website.

I do not have the energy to keep telling my story.” Some people are offended by that and walk away angry. Some people understand that time is the only thing valuable and if they feel that their valuable time is worth reading about me, they will, if not, it doesn’t matter to me. I have intentions when I have enough strength to write a non-fiction book about the gifts from memeories of the pasage of fear. “Faith” is a powerful sorce of energy. This is my final blog until the new book is available.

God Bless





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All that exist is the present


All that exist is the present moment of time as I identify it from the measurement of point a to point b. Within the straight linear line there is off shuts that continue the perpetual motion from point a to point b. If I feel enough energy withing my physical body to go in a circle motions from 0 to 360 degrees,I do it without resistance to complete the circle within a time frame I believe my energy has enough stored fuel for. It is all about my mind that does navigate the course I set for it in a day.

I met a man named Sunny last Thursday at PT and his 76th birthday is today 2/25/2019. I told Sunny that he is a mirrored reflection of one of my behavioral patterns and I learned by listening to him and watching him what I needed to go from point a to point be and to complete a 0- 360 degree before I go to sleep tonight. Happy Birthday “Sunny ” hope your dog is on your lap feeling your love as you complete your 360 degree circle from point a to point b . God Bless to all humanity



February 12/2019

A year ago today I was depressed because I had a deformed chest from the emergency surgery 1/16/2018 . I had an infection from the hardware that imploded my plastic surgeon said to me. My breathing and heart suffered during the operation and I had to learn to live with what was left of my physical body. My son was in a similarly emergency surgery  to his ankle at Swedish Medical Hospital  in Denver CO. I could do nothing but pray for both of us.

My prayers were heard from the source that created all life and today in the present I have learned that depression is only temporary with a belief of self-worth . There is no medication legal or illegal that will eradicate the depression. There is only me,myself and I taking a path by navigating my creative scenes for my benefit of “Love” .

Valentines Day this year is two days from today and I am having a party at my home for some friends that “Love me for me ” . I have help here in my home to help me with the preparations and the others that come will help with the clean up. I do sleep and rest during the day as needed. It is not what others think I should do with my time I have left. It is only what I think I should do with my precious time and energy that matters to me.

I have a team of health care providers that provide all the necessary services for my safety. I am grateful to still be alive even though my doctors keep saying I have terminal cancer.

Terminal cancer is the beginning of life for me. It is not the end of my life.

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The gift of cancer for me

February 1/2019

The rapid spread of my breast cancer from stage 2 to stage 4 in my bones now is a gift I am blessed with from the source of creation that created everything. It has giving me time to heal old wounds from the past that no one see’s when they look at me. The scares are within my memories and they still exist with the rising of the sun. I listen to others as they tell me their stories of their wounds as wounded worriers. I have learned that I am not anyone’s healer. I am just as human and vulnerable as all of those I have had a relationship with. I no longer am on Face Book or other social medias because it is no value to me at this time. I only keep up with my blog for helping others to be reflective with the way I am managing my stage 4 cancer now

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All I have been giving is today the present to be grateful for that I am still alive and able to think clearly.

My clarity was fogged by the shifting tides of reflection from the past desires that were swept away by dreams of my amazing creative imagination.

Up date on my physical stage 4 cancer management without prescribed medications from my team of doctors in the Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers.

Together with my own health care insurance policy from Penn Treaty and my family and friends I manage to live in the present as it unfolds until my last breath.


Christmas Day 2018

12/24/2018 My son was driving us to his first surgeon’s appointment an hour and a half from our Damascus PA home when his cell phone rang at about 11:30 am. It was the scheduling surgeon’s service to advise us that there was a mistake with his scheduled appointment and he needed to reschedule. My son was off the wall as the Disney character Humty Dumpty falling off his high wall and broke into tiny priceless pieces of rage from his objective opinion of the incompetence.  We were about 18 min away from the surgeons’ office. He asked  “why  didn’t you call me yesterday to reschedule ?” He explained we were driving for over an hour already to get to the office on time. The woman on the phone said “ I will call the office now and they will  get back to us and explain. “ There was dead silence in the car until I said to my son ” there is always a reason and not to assume it is bad” . The situation was satisfactorily taken care with my son’s medical issues that was addressed with another surgeon at that office at 12:30 pm 12/24/2018 .

Our day continued with conversation about family,friends, stranger’s,and business relationships of the living and the dead  between me and my son as we were on the road to more destinations.My son said to me “Mom I only believe in you”. Not always true, I thought to myself “ That didn’t matter that my son was not on my path all the time or at the speed that I was comfortable with “.

My level of pain in my body was about a 5 and I was doing my best to manage it with knowing I was loved by many living and dead forms I Identified with.

I had no clue that I had opened a vortex to the dead zone that me ,myself and I was afraid was fiction from my imagination.

It was 5 pm and we were back at our Damascus P.A. home with a full tank of gas in the car. I thought we would run out of gas on the way home because I was dissociating from the present reality. When I realized the car was driving 4 more miles with no gas reading on the digital dash board to Narrowsburg NY gas station,the magical vortex was now within my aura.

To manage my pain without any pain medication,I took a hot bath with essential oils and lite candles in my bedroom and went to bed. I couldn’t sleep at 6:30 pm,but rested in SILENCE BY MYSELF IN MY SAFE PERSONAL SPACE. Two feelings that were uncomfortable for my body attached to my consciousness. I told the feelings to go away. They left and then for the third time in my life I heard voices in my head. I knew the voices. It was Frank and Carol Kay who were dead from a gas explosion a few years ago. I was awake and it was the experience of their voices validating that only the body dies but not the consciousness of the souls with their personal identities. It was 3:33 am when I got out of bed to look what time my clock read but it wasn’t that exact time because I had set my clock forward 10 minutes. I did that to be on time for appointments I had scheduled.  It was on Christmas Day 2018. I had felt the love from not only Frank and Carol Kay but the horses and other animals that were showing me their faces as they licked my face out of my pain l had in bed a few hours before.

This is a true story of my experience . Why was I gifted ? I don’t know . I have been both good and bad throughout my lifetime. What I am happy about is that I can share my experience as it happened last night.  Today I go to a girlfriend’s home to pay my Sympathy visit to comfort her of the loss of her Father last Wednesday.  I shared my experience with two other friends today by a cell call.

It take a lot of my energy to continue on this Path.

One question I asked Frank and Carol was ” Is their any form of judgement or discrimination where they were? Carol answered “NO” It is Sanctuary!



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