” Fasting” 3 days

3:am 8/26/2018:

The 72 hours fasting= ( 3 days fasting ) The only source of nutrition was tap water, herbal medication,essential oils for the next three days.

I had  never fasted for three days.

The only fasting of  26 hours on Yom Kipper without even water was since I was 12 years old.

My belief’s had navigated my brain through the four seasons of spring, summer ,fall and winter and ready for the final fourth Act.

The energy fuel for me was “play”

There was a set of blocks with letters A B C D– numbers one ,two, three ,four

The observer( higher-self or energy source )  played my game

My Game:

#1  story-telling  and listening

# 2 abundant  life style

# 3 money attachments

# 4 weight management

( personal story ) for #4  Letter A (Attitude)

At 5 years old, I made believed  I could cut my chubby thighs with a butter knife. No one told me I was a little chubby. I felt fat. Fat was all I saw at 5.Fat people at the age of 5 couldn’t play the jumping games I loved to play and that made me sad for the fat people.  I continued to hold on to whatever made me happy or sad because a child’s undeveloped brain is not equipped with tools of education.

When I was 49, my suffering self-image reflection in the mirror surfaced as  overweight by 22 lbs.  My husband put on about 44 lbs. from the time we were married 6/18/1979. Weight was a personal perception of control. I had the will power to control what nutrition I would or would not feed myself. ( It always was about my controls).

My mother-in-law who live with us  was very smart and knew I needed a money incentive to lose weight. She challenged me with a bet  I agreed to.

She said ” Michele if you achieve  your goal weight of 104 in a year. I will give you a thousand dollars. I was 126 pounds and five feet tall age  49.

I said ” you have a bet. I told our family that I was not going to drink any alcohol for the year or eat anything with sugar or fat”. No one could believe my will power to win the bet. I was the one that made the sauces,deserts,soups,dressings,bakery products for our Restaurant. That was why I was gaining weight rapidly. My mother-in-law thought I was out of control with my weight and didn’t want a fat daughter in law for the role I was living in as a wife and stepmother of her two grandchildren I was raising.

Even when my former husband and I  went on 5 star vacations, we were  dining at 4 and 5 star restaurants around the world and I would order a baked potato without anything and drink hot water with lemon.

My husband at that time would make an excuse for my baked potato dinner and would tip as if I ordered an expensive dinner and wine. He didn’t want the server to suffer with a small tip. He was thoughtful for others in the hospitality service industry.

The year went by and I got on the scale and surprised everyone weighing in at 104. My mother-in-law was shocked. She said “I will make you a bet of double or nothing if you can keep it off for another year and weigh in again at your goal weight of 104. I said “make it $3 thousand or nothing and you have the bet”. She agreed and a year later I was still 104 to everyone’s amazement.

My weight was  113 pounds after my 8/26/2018 fast. I lost 3 pounds in 3 days of fasting with water only. My height – 4′ 11” – I have a skeleton frame of a  13-year-old child.

My imagination comes from my 6-year-old perception of a child without boundaries flying freely.

I used the Tonica Herbal Wellness products I purchased from Sarah Rejman,RN . Organic herbal health products for cleanse & detoxification specialists since 2002. It was worth the money as an investment for my own experiment of “Life’s expectations ” .

I used products  from Tsubo Aroma Therapy ( Aromatsubo.com).since the company was started by Caroline Verdi a woman I had a friendship with for the past 9 years.

Six more essential oils I purchased on Amazon in PA and six more I purchased at Festival marketplace( Pompano Beach FL.  from Atlantic Fragrances,Inc. . My total purchases of product about 1 thousand dollars in the past three months that added my nutritional  management of my multi sensory self.

“Money” from abundance to starvation no longer had power. The yellow gold wedding bands from my grandparents and my grandmothers parents were on both my right hand and left hand fingers. The 4 plan 18 carat  gold bands inherited were significant source of energy of the 360 degree circle of energy.

As far as my goal weight of 104 pounds, I may or may not be at that weight again.

If I restrict me,myself and I, the multi sensory power of the observer ( source) will continue to challenge me.





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