New Begins 7/17/2018 documented

What are new begins ? To me Michele W Weinstein/Michele Schuchman/ Grandma Michele they mean new brain wave patterns to navigate my self-created story of “Self Why not? The power to control my brain navigation for my behavioral patterns comes from the illusion of “self”.

It is a self-created illusion of external power from ancient documentary facts the self defines as truth with evidence to prove it on blind faith.

Good or Bad ,ugly or beautiful is the observation of another perception and has the power to destroy or love AND BEAR FRUIT FOR ANOTHER DAY OF A LIFE TIME BEFORE IT DIES AND BECOMES DUST AGAIN. The dust blows away as if it never existed at all. What is the evidence it existed at all?

About Michele Wendy Weinstein / Schuchman /aka Grandma Michele

View Website for Profile of Michele Wendy Weinstein/Schuchman/aka Grandma Michele and take time to be entertained with the Michele W.Weinstein's video legacy
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