“New Day “

Dear Souls Aug.10.2016

I was up at midnight wide awake . I had gone to bed at 10 pm feeling great. I asked myself “Why ? ” My mind went a drift as if it was sailing away somewhere for some unknown reason for me to learn a new life lesson . “How perfect “, to experience  a surreal energy healing to my physical being.

Before I went to bed I gave myself an electric stimulating massage treatment for an hour with a class 11 medical device . The device simulates my energy points so my flow continues and I felt bliss.

That electric stimulation woke up an awareness in my subconscious. It opened another dimension of reality to my mindfulness.

Letting go of useless drama from the world I had created to be the drama queen felt calming to me . My voyage for 3 hours took me outside of my body . I was flying over fields and valleys . Over water to far off places I had been before . I flew into the stars and beyond  this Universe . When I returned back into my body at 3 am ,I felt blessed and comfortable all snuggled in bed like a new-born baby. No care in the world . No dramas . A New Day had begun for me .

Getting up to go to the bathroom and returning to my bed, I looked at my clock and it was 8:18 am . I had been asleep 5:18 hours and remembered the flying voyage .

My routine in the morning was to exercise in the lower level of my Damascus Retreat . IMG_7586IMG_7585

I had been the  female moth flying the night before in my dreams to absorb month

Moth photo by Jerry Cohen.

I continued to build and destroy with my energy what mattered to my well being.

About Michele Wendy Weinstein / Schuchman /aka Grandma Michele

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