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Veteran’s Day 11/11/2018

Veteran’s Day celebrated yesterday and today 11/12/2018 Freedom of choice comes with a price. I was told today that I was brave by a friend that was following my stage 4 cancer management. I said ” I am still living … Continue reading

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11/7/2018 is today’s date The time 2:33 pm . You are reading my blog. I am the creator of my blog for my purpose of whatever matters to me. Yes! it is all about me! Is my refection similar … Continue reading

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Wait and see how long I will live!

Today 11/3/2018 I write a blog to help other’s with cancer management. One size does not fit all 11/3/2018 . Letrozolie /generic name /brand name femara Oral chemotherapy/education /Palbociclib is the generic name /brand name Ibrance Denosumab solution for injection … Continue reading



10/10/2018 “God” rooted in my stem cells within my physical body is activated as fire. The fire is burning and creating energy to fuel my life cycle of life. “God” or Divine source of energy is my thought perception of … Continue reading

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Ask the question “Why?”

“Why” ? Why what ? Just why was the question the self 3 asked. “There was no reason or answer. I didn’t know the answer and I had acknowledge that to all those that engaged with me on my journey. … Continue reading

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” Fasting” 3 days

3:am 8/26/2018: The 72 hours fasting= ( 3 days fasting ) The only source of nutrition was tap water, herbal medication,essential oils for the next three days. I had  never fasted for three days. The only fasting of  26 hours … Continue reading

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“Live until I Die”

My  radiation oncologist Bruce W.Phillips,MD,FACRO explained the results of the full body PET Scan I took 8/21/2018. ” Michele, I am sorry to tell you that the cancer has Metastasize to  your bones to stage 4 cancer. ( At  that moment, … Continue reading


Seeking Attention

Seeking attention 8/7/2018 I am sharing the cancer support group story of Judy Cromer 😦 I got permission to use all the names in the following story ) Judy Cromer a year older than me was across the room at South … Continue reading

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New Begins 7/17/2018 documented

What are new begins ? To me Michele W Weinstein/Michele Schuchman/ Grandma Michele they mean new brain wave patterns to navigate my self-created story of “Self Why not? The power to control my brain navigation for my behavioral patterns … Continue reading

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July 13/2018 / me,myself and I.

“I am ” identifies the physical human. The AI represents the navigator brain steering the personalities that appears and disappears. I exist only if I am observed though reflection of consciousness. If you have engaged with me in conversation and … Continue reading