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Focused Energy

December 12/2018 Focused energy of the physical body,mind and spirit was the ability to be a laser and cut out whatever was wasting my valuable energy source of power to heal myself. Social media was eliminated. There was one reason to … Continue reading

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To Each it’s Own

December 9/2018 I look out my sliding glass 8 foot door window and see as far as I can see what is outside. It appears to be 22 degrees at 11:11 am. The sky is blue and clear. Inside is … Continue reading

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Beliefs of my personal stage 4 cancer journey

11/29/2018 My beliefs of my personal stage 4 cancer journey has nothing to do with others, or does it? The following story became my memoirs: I was told by my new oncologist with my son at my side “there was … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day 11/11/2018

Veteran’s Day celebrated yesterday and today 11/12/2018 Freedom of choice comes with a price. I was told today that I was brave by a friend that was following my stage 4 cancer management. I said ” I am still living … Continue reading

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11/7/2018 is today’s date The time 2:33 pm . You are reading my blog. I am the creator of my blog for my purpose of whatever matters to me. Yes! it is all about me! Is my refection similar … Continue reading

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Wait and see how long I will live!

Today 11/3/2018 I write a blog to help other’s with cancer management. One size does not fit all 11/3/2018 . Letrozolie /generic name /brand name femara Oral chemotherapy/education /Palbociclib is the generic name /brand name Ibrance Denosumab solution for injection … Continue reading



10/10/2018 “God” rooted in my stem cells within my physical body is activated as fire. The fire is burning and creating energy to fuel my life cycle of life. “God” or Divine source of energy is my thought perception of … Continue reading

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