Christmas Day 2018

12/24/2018 My son was driving us to his first surgeon’s appointment an hour and a half from our Damascus PA home when his cell phone rang at about 11:30 am. It was the scheduling surgeon’s service to advise us that there was a mistake with his scheduled appointment and he needed to reschedule. My son was off the wall as the Disney character Humty Dumpty falling off his high wall and broke into tiny priceless pieces of rage from his objective opinion of the incompetence.  We were about 18 min away from the surgeons’ office. He asked  “why  didn’t you call me yesterday to reschedule ?” He explained we were driving for over an hour already to get to the office on time. The woman on the phone said “ I will call the office now and they will  get back to us and explain. “ There was dead silence in the car until I said to my son ” there is always a reason and not to assume it is bad” . The situation was satisfactorily taken care with my son’s medical issues that was addressed with another surgeon at that office at 12:30 pm 12/24/2018 .

Our day continued with conversation about family,friends, stranger’s,and business relationships of the living and the dead  between me and my son as we were on the road to more destinations.My son said to me “Mom I only believe in you”. Not always true, I thought to myself “ That didn’t matter that my son was not on my path all the time or at the speed that I was comfortable with “.

My level of pain in my body was about a 5 and I was doing my best to manage it with knowing I was loved by many living and dead forms I Identified with.

I had no clue that I had opened a vortex to the dead zone that me ,myself and I was afraid was fiction from my imagination.

It was 5 pm and we were back at our Damascus P.A. home with a full tank of gas in the car. I thought we would run out of gas on the way home because I was dissociating from the present reality. When I realized the car was driving 4 more miles with no gas reading on the digital dash board to Narrowsburg NY gas station,the magical vortex was now within my aura.

To manage my pain without any pain medication,I took a hot bath with essential oils and lite candles in my bedroom and went to bed. I couldn’t sleep at 6:30 pm,but rested in SILENCE BY MYSELF IN MY SAFE PERSONAL SPACE. Two feelings that were uncomfortable for my body attached to my consciousness. I told the feelings to go away. They left and then for the third time in my life I heard voices in my head. I knew the voices. It was Frank and Carol Kay who were dead from a gas explosion a few years ago. I was awake and it was the experience of their voices validating that only the body dies but not the consciousness of the souls with their personal identities. It was 3:33 am when I got out of bed to look what time my clock read but it wasn’t that exact time because I had set my clock forward 10 minutes. I did that to be on time for appointments I had scheduled.  It was on Christmas Day 2018. I had felt the love from not only Frank and Carol Kay but the horses and other animals that were showing me their faces as they licked my face out of my pain l had in bed a few hours before.

This is a true story of my experience . Why was I gifted ? I don’t know . I have been both good and bad throughout my lifetime. What I am happy about is that I can share my experience as it happened last night.  Today I go to a girlfriend’s home to pay my Sympathy visit to comfort her of the loss of her Father last Wednesday.  I shared my experience with two other friends today by a cell call.

It take a lot of my energy to continue on this Path.

One question I asked Frank and Carol was ” Is their any form of judgement or discrimination where they were? Carol answered “NO” It is Sanctuary!



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