11/7/2018 is today’s date
The time 2:33 pm . You are reading my blog. I am the creator of my blog for my purpose of whatever matters to me.
Yes! it is all about me! Is my refection similar to your refection? Do you know someone now living with stage 4 cancer or any other disability or disease?
I am not selling anything or telling you what road to travel that might be the right path for you. I am writing my valuable thoughts for me. If by chance they have value for others,please share them and observe what happens.

I was called this morning to except delivery of I-brans) I-brans is the brand name for the medication my oncologist ordered for my cancer treatment. Chemo The co-pay of 27 hundred for my monthly cancer treatment was not in my budget of food for the month.
I am lucky to qualify for well-fare/food stamps/medical sliding scale locale hospital/doctors/social services because I paid my taxes.
Is this reality an Illusion or Delusion?
I am everything I think I am.
Being on well- fare for the past few months has been a gift similar to my stage 4 cancer for the last few months.
Some people call me crazy and some people call me by my name Michele. The bottom line is that they are engaged with my train of thought.
I have been taken twice a day CBD oil since 10/20/2018 when I left Denver with my son Bobby. Bobby had a former business partner that was presently part of a company selling CBD oil for health issues. The website view our store to shop. Was this an illusion or delusion?
Scott Darnell was 6’2” and toward over me as I asked him to hug me and feel my energy of love for another soul who happens to have stage 4 caner. In that moment of the exchange of energy I felt all was self-created by the beliefs each individual absorbed from creation. I did not live in Scott Darnell’s head. I lived in my own head and there was no room for anyone else.

Today is election day! Get out an vote is the “American way for our freedom”.
What is free ? Simple things like a smile or a hug or something given away without a return of more or less value. Freedom of our great nation came with a price. My freedom to be me came with a price I willing accepted. My greater good was not bounded within a frame. I was living without the chains of the past events. I had become very strong with clear thinking that was about my essences.
The greater picture I was told by others was the path to be on. Why? I voted at the grange hall in Damascus PA township. I voted by color, not by party. Green was my color choice because it is a secondary color made of yellow and blue. Green was my reflective light color of my heart that was made from Yellow and blue reflective light colors.The yellow reflective color from my solar plexus. Blue reflective light color comes from my throat. It was simple and where there was no green to vote for, I filled in the name that I knew represented me from a respectful relationship I had with PA legislature.I did not know any of the political views and that didn’t matter to me for my right to vote. I voted from my beliefs of values I live in the present with.

Two positives or two negatives cancel out each other. Illusion or Delusion repeated a pattern of perpetual motion and I was at a point within the center observing the reality of my perception.
I have no pain today. I have as much energy as I need today to enjoy what matters to me. Whatever happens in the future will happen and I do not control what happens to others.I do control what I feed myself for substance.
I feed myself “Love and lite ” an illusion or delusion?

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