Wait and see how long I will live!

Today 11/3/2018
I write a blog to help other’s with cancer management.
One size does not fit all
11/3/2018 .
Letrozolie /generic name /brand name femara
Oral chemotherapy/education /Palbociclib is the generic name /brand name Ibrance
Denosumab solution for injection /trade name Prolia/XGEVA
I read and absorbed the information given to me by my oncologist for treatment he recommended for my stage 4 cancer. He said” there is no cure for your stage 4 cancer Michele” but these medications have been documented to give you more years to live but will not cure your cancer.”
I let him order the medications and left his office pushing my son Bobby 10/30/2018 in a wheelchair down the hall in the hospital my oncologist had his practice in.
My son Bobby was happy to hear what the oncologist said because I had scared him by saying I only had 18 months to live because of the stage 4 cancer.
Where did I come up with 18 months to live? Who was I to know when I will die? I knew nothing of the future and no one else did either.
I was human and that was enough to be. I was in pain but not from the cancer. I was angry that those that expressed they loved me where making excuses why they didn’t call me or visit me when I just needed to be hugged and enjoying their company.
The world got smaller to me and I was satisfied with my beliefs of inner peace. I had allowed many people to convince me that my happiness depended on them and so I became codependent. I had allowed the disabilities I was born with control my navigation skills and that led me to a bi/polar shift of energy that was out of control due to my auto piolet steering my brain waves.
When I looked into the eyes of the person that was giving me the advice of what I should or should not do with my life, the reflection was a mirrored image of a personality I needed to acknowledge as external power that had No power over me as long as my authentic self was content by loving itself.
All the medications I had been prescribed since my birth had side effects.
Each side effect was similar to a coded analytical system I had no clue how it worked until I had my cancer awakening.
Either I take the medications now or not take them. I will have side effects and eventually die from something.
I reread all the Oral Chemotherapy information many times and weighted my options.
Just the way it was printed in white ink on a black bake ground
“ The common side effects that have been known to happen in more than 30% of patient taking palbociclib are listed in the left side of this table. You MAY NOT ( is underlined/capitalized to hypnotized the reader into the illusion of you are the survivor)
Options to help manage any side effects that do occur are included on the right side of this table. These should be discussed with your care provider. If you experience any side effect, you cannot manage or that is not listed here, contact your care provider.
The last page/: Important notice: The Association of Community Cancer Centers(ACCC, Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA). Community Oncology Dispensing Association, Inc.(NCODA). And Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) have collaborated in gathering information for and developing this patient education guide. This guide represents a brief summary of the medication derived from information provided by the drug manufacturing and other resources (What are the other resources I need to know?) and how were they funded? This guide does not cover all existing information related to the possible uses, directions, doses, precautions, warnings, interactions, adverse effects, or risks associated with this medication and should not substitute for the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. Provision of this guide is for information purpose only and does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommended, or favoring of the medication by ACCC, HOPA, NCODA, or ONS, who assume no liability for and cannot ensure the accuracy of the information presented. The collaborators are no making any representation with respect to the medications whatsoever and any and all decisions, with respect to such medications, are the SOLE RISK of the individual consuming the medication. All decisions related to taking this medication should be made with the guidance and under the direction of a qualified healthcare professional.
The TWO “MAY NOT” & “SOLE RISK” words shouted out louder and louder as if words could speak and I would understand the truth. To me the two words were similar to individual consciousness desperately hypnotizing me.
How was that possible? Two polar opposites were at battle. I was at peace now with my stage 4 cancer and how much time I had left in the human form I existed in.
It didn’t matter what I would choice to take the treatments or not.
I was circular polar. The circle of life continues perpetual motion of 360 degrees and I was in the center observing all the circles rotating around me. I only exist if the other exists in another reality of its own creation.
Wait and see how long I live and the way I live if you think it is of your best interest .

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