Ask the question “Why?”

“Why” ? Why what ? Just why was the question the self 3 asked. “There was no reason or answer. I didn’t know the answer. I had acknowledge to those that engaged with me on my journey.

By my letting go of controls, I was feeling my emotions though every cell created for my life for me.

Others would judge me from their perspective.

Feeling Love rooted from the stem cells rooted in my core biology was the essence fueling my existence.

The stage 4 cancer in the full body PET scan 8/21/2018 was the path created from my conception.

It was an abstract of the unknown that I embraced with “Love”  the “Love feeling ” was a blanket of comfort surrounding my physical Identity.

Gabrielle Laurie:a professional photo journalist was assigned to follow me for the weekend of 10/06/- 10/08/2018 ( Columbus Day Weekend 2018)   from the   asked me ” Would you let someone photograph you as you are dying?” I said “yes”!.

TEAM LEADER: Preston Gannaway ; EDITOR: Tim Rasmussen ; PRODUCER: Eric Thayer ; DIGITAL TECH: Angus ObornTEAM LEADER: Preston Gannaway ; EDITOR: Tim Rasmussen ; PRODUCER: Eric Thayer ; DIGITAL TECH: Angus Oborn

I have been dying since my conception. It is evolution of the cosmic flow of energy.

I manage my stage 4 cancer by writing my thoughts and feelings. My interactions of the people I engage with are private. I continue to ask permission to use their story before you will see it on my blog. It is all about my time now. God Bless all Grandma Michele

About Michele Wendy Weinstein / Schuchman /aka Grandma Michele

View Website for Profile of Michele Wendy Weinstein/Schuchman/aka Grandma Michele and take time to be entertained with the Michele W.Weinstein's video legacy
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