Being Productive

June 15/2018

Do you know Grandma Michele ? Grandma Michele is the identity of me . My birth name Michele Wendy Weinstein born 6/18/1947 . I am not a biological Grandmother . My son Robert Marc Cowan born 7/2/66 is my only biological child and his father’s name is Bruce Cowan. I was married two times so far . My last husband’s name is Barry Schuchman . Both of my x husbands are remarried to another female and I am very happy for both of them. All contracts can be broken or revised and rewritten for all parties to agree their relationships will serve their individual purpose.

There is no guaranty that even the revised ,rewritten will exist as time goes by and by into the future.

My debts are my responsibilities. My actions are my judgement calls. For I know both sides of my physical body and the way both sides work together for my existence.

About Michele Wendy Weinstein / Schuchman /aka Grandma Michele

View Website for Profile of Michele Wendy Weinstein/Schuchman/aka Grandma Michele and take time to be entertained with the Michele W.Weinstein's video legacy
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3 Responses to Being Productive

  1. Ginni Beck says:

    Happy Birthday Michele! Glad to hear you are taking such good care of yourself! Keep On!!!!!




    • Ginni it is amazing to me to read your words in your comment of me taking such good care of myself . There are days that I don’t want to get out of my comfort zone at my Damascus PA retreat and continue to engage in relationships with others for many personal reasons I keep private. With your words I approved has given me the fuel of energy for today . God Bless you


    • Hi Ginni Beck I have a flight back to Fort Lauderdale Aug 1/2018 due to my health concerns I need to address with my medical team in Boca Raton Fl. I will continue when I have the energy to blog on


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